Farmers dumping tomatoes but CM celebrating by taking award: Ajay


  Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Leader of the Opposition in the State assembly Ajay Singh said the suffering of farmers in the state continues and after onion the peasants are now forced to dump tomatoes. He said Mandsaur incident of opening fire on farmers was witnessed under this regime and Government should not take any award until farmers are provided with right price of their yield and agriculture a business of profit. The Congress leader said that farmers are forced to dump tomatoes and feed them to cattle but Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who claims to be a farmer’s son, is celebrating by taking award in Delhi. Singh asked how the Chief Minister of a State could accept an award while farmers were getting no returns on their yield. Forget about the appropriate price, farmers are forced to feed the yield to cattle, his yield which took money and time went in vain. Singh said for the past 12 years CM Chouhan has deceived the farmers in the name of highest Agriculture Development rate, zero percent interest, 40 lakh hectare irrigated land, 10 hours of power supply, Agriculture cabinet and separate budget for agriculture and in case if these are the things which have been achieved in the state then why farmers are helpless and forced to dump yield on roads and feed to the cattle. In the Chief Minister’s district, farmer are spending additional amount for picking of tomatoes and dumping on roads. The policies aimed to provide benefit to the farmers have failed to deliver for the sole purpose they were prepared. No headway has been made in the direction of food processing in the past 12 years, Singh added.