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Fast for Ganga continues in Haridwar on 62nd day ; Sant Gopal Das untraceable for 16 days


New Delhi, River activist Brahmachari Atmabodhanand's fast for the cause of the Ganga continued in Kankhal-Haridwar on 62nd day on Friday even as another fasting seer Sant Gopal Das was still untraceable since his disappearance under suspicious circumstances from the AIIMS here on December 5. The young Brahmachari has been on fast for past over two months in continuation of hunger strike by late Prof G D Agrawal and fellow Sant Gopal Das for the cause of clean and richly flowing Ganga along its entire pristine course, Magsaysay awardee activist Dr Rajendra Singh said. Sant Gopal Das--a follower of IIT professor-turned-sanyaasi Agrawal-, was on an indefinite hunger strike in support of demand and stir by the late professor. While octogenarian Prof Agrawal died on 111th day of his hunger strike on October 11, the young fasting Sant, Das disappeared from AIIMS here on December 5 and still reported untraceable. His relatives and activist supporters suspected his abduction, a case in this connection is pending before the Delhi High Court and further hearing is expected next week, Mr Singh, popularly known as 'Waterman of India', told agencies over telephone. As many as 13 sitting MPs from various parties have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, expressing concern and dismay over the situation pertaining to the stir, demise of Prof Agrawal and the disappearance of Das. Sant Das's mother also sat on hunger strike in Rishikesh four days back demanding search of her son, Singh said. Meanwhile, activists from various NGOs with gather at the Jantar Mantar here on Saturday for holding sit-in and meeting for the cause of the sacred river.

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