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Fault in voter list


In the Assembly bye-election in Kolaras and Mugawali the Congress has lodged complaints with the Chief Electoral Officer Mr Salina Singh about bogus entry of voters names. It is said that many persons are mentioned in the voters at 4 to 5 places. The Congress said that about 20,000 such voters included in the lists. The Collectors of Shivpuri and Ashok Nagar on the enquiry found that there were few persons, whose names are mentioned at 4 or 5 places but they are not in thousands. It further clarified that the rule of the Election Commission of India such persons will be able to vote only at one place. The list of such voters will be supplied to contesting parties to keep watch on it. The Congress has also submitted that under age persons are also included in the voter lists. In many cases the photos of voters are not matching. The Congress has also filed complaints about the objectional speeches by the Minister Yashodhara Raje and the Chief Election Commission of India Mr OP Rawat has issued notice to Mr Yashodhara Raje.The campaigning on the both the constituency are going on in full swing.

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