Feed birds and animals, children urged


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal An awareness programme was organized at Sadhu Waswani School in Saint Hirdaram Nagar by Sudhar Sabha on Tuesday to create awareness among students towards the birds and animals. Siddha Bhau and Colonel Narayan Parwani distributed clay pots among children who resolved to provide food and water to birds and animals. Educationist Vishnu Gohani said that love towards birds and animals make us kind and pure. He said children should save from their pocket money to feed the birds and animals. Colonel Narayan Parwani said earlier the birds used to get enough food from trees and vegetation. But the greenery has totally disappeared from cities and the birds and animals are forced to starve. Therefore we must provide food to them. Towards the end of the programme, student Shalini and other children presented a beautiful song ‘O ri chiraiya nanhi si chidiya angana may phir aaja’ (O little bird, come again in my courtyard).

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