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Few real workers in political parties


Membership system should be made online to end fraud

Kranti Chaturvedi Almost all political parties talk of purity with keenness. But the ground reality is that this purity disappears. Similarly the number of members of a party could also become basis for exposing it. They make big claims but in reality the same is not true. All political parties claim the number of their members in any region is thousands or lakhs. But such huge number of members does not exist in reality and such claims are fake. During elections political leaders hold meeting of workers and claim all of them are the party workers. But in reality big crowds are arranged and people are lured to attend party meets. Sometimes the interesting aspect of such meetings is that the same workers are seen attending meeting of two rival parties. In fact all political parties including BJP, Congress, SP, BSP, AAP and others should make a system of the number of members in which there is no fraud. As is often seen in parties like Congress membership receipt books are issued. The party cadres obtain the list of student leaders of any college, BPL list or any other list and enter all the names in their member receipt books and show them as their party members. Such members do not exist on ground and are shown only to prove the influence of the political party or its leader. These members have nothing to do with party’s ideology and they are often fake. As the members are fake, the leader often suffers defeat in election as he has no real base. The membership system in political parties should be online and it should also be verified. This would be helpful in ending factionalism in the political parties. Leaders without real public support could be denied tickets. The report card of all leaders would be prepared at block and district level. Names of rivals are often deleted It is often seen that to prove their influence in a particular region the leader often deletes the name of his or her rival leader in that region. He is not even given a chance to obtain party’s membership. Once the membership becomes online and the system is verified those people would also get a chance who are working on ground. The ‘political murder’ of the real leader with mass appeal often takes place at local level. With amendment in system the real workers would get recognition.

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