Film Padmavat


The Supreme Court in a decision has ordered that the period film ‘Padmavat’ of Sanjay Leela Bhansali as cleared by the Board of Film Certification also known as the Censor Board shall be released all over the country and no State Government can put any ban or restrictions on its screening in cinema halls or elsewhere. The Court said that it is duty of the Government to provide full security and safety to persons who screen it or audience who want to see. The Court said that how a film can be banned that is cleared by the Board. The Board is authorized for film certification by an Act of Parliament. The Supreme Court issued notices to the State Government that declared ban on the film before its getting a certificate. Earlier also some persons filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking ban of the film then titled as ‘Padmini’. The Court rejected the petition on the ground that it was not cleared by the Statutory Board. Some States – Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana has acted in a queer way of banning the film that was not cleared by the Board. Such Government succumbed to agitational pressure or Rajput Community organization and acted in absurd way. The Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr.Bhupendra Singh, Mr.Gulab Chandra Kataria have said that they would decide after getting the copy of the judgment and Chief Minister of Haryana Mr.Khattar said that the State Government would file a revision petition in the Supreme Court. After the verdict of the Supreme Court now those State Government are censored for declaring premature ban on the film. The State Government taking a plea that the film exhibition would create Law and Order problem by the people hostile to its release. Now the court in the decision itself that it was constitutionally obligatory on the Government to provide protection to those who want to see it. The Jat of Rajasthan and Haryana and Patidars of Gujarat are not backward classes. But keeping an eye on Vidhan Sabha elections in Gujarat some Patidars launched a reservation for Patidars movement in Gujarat just to gain political milage out of it during the elections. Similar the Karni Sena of Rajput community of Rajasthan launched a premature agitation on a premature film non titled ‘Padmavat’ by the Board. The Supreme Court decision is a firm action on the growing tendency of mobocracy which is negation of democracy. The Supreme Court decision will have a far reaching effect in maintaining democratic values and fundamental rights of the people. The Karni Sena also cannot claim to be sole representative of entire Rajput community. Now there is growing trend of caste agitations and it is very harmful and violating fundamental right of others. Those who are opposed to film should not see it but Karni Sena is nobody to prevent others from going to see it. The Supreme Court decision is a very welcome decision. It is awarded under Article 19 and 21 of the Constitution about fundamental rights of the people.