Fire mishap still haunts bus passengers


Indore (CNS) Remember the fire caught ibus standing on Niranjanpur station? We might have only hazy memories of it, but commuters travelling from the station still face the threat of falling out and even fear the memories of another fire at the unrepaired station. The original Fire On the last bus stop of the BRTS Corridor, Niranjanpur intersection, there was a fire at I-bus at 11:00 pm on October 29, 2018. Luckily, there were no passengers in the bus during the fire. The fire was so strong that even a part of the bus stop got hit by it. Just a few moments were burnt down. On receiving the information, Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd (AiCTSL) chief executive officer (CEO) Sandeep Soni had confirmed that there were no casualties. Though it was rumoured that there were last few passengers in the bus, no one was injured. After the incident, questions were raised about the maintenance of buses, since other such incidents had been reported. The price of a bus is about 60 lakh rupees. Not repaired for 9 months! While there has been checking of ibuses for maintenance and still the Corona buses are a threat for commuters, a major problem of unrepaired station is awaiting accidents since last nine months now. There are over 60 thousand commuters travelling in ibus every day. Many of these commuters are travelling to Niranjanpur and nearby areas. However, the station still holds disastrous memories of the fire. Not just the banners and burnt out infrastructure, even the doors are broken and non-functioning. The bus stop that serves as holdover station for ibuses at night looks haunted and discourages the image of public transport system in the city. BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) running ibus has received ‘Excellence Award’ for best urban mass transit project from the Union Urban Development Ministry, on Friday in New Delhi. However, with such failing services on the first/last stop of the bus, it creates an entirely different image. There are many kids, who had initially tripped over from the station due to non-functional doors. Eventually, the stop has reduced passengers as most people do not want to risk their lives and get down a stop earlier to avoid the journey down the stop haunted with memories of fire. Repairs held because of elections “The fire had caused damage to the bus stop as well as the bus. We are soon to repair the bus stop. In fact, we are hoping that the repair work would be done in coming 12 days. The repair work had been held back due to model code of conduct.”Sandeep Soni CEO AiCTSL said.