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First Hanging


Under the new law of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan Government a rapist of 9 year old girl in Sagar was sentenced to death on the crime of rape. The new law provides if a girl under the age of 12 is raped the rapist will be awarded death sentence. Bhagirath Narayan Patel is the first criminal to be hanged. The crime was committed on May 21, he was nabbed within 12 hours, police completed the investigation and on 9th day filed the case the court and the fast track court in 46 days trial sentenced him to death. But the question is that death sentence is announced but when he will be hanged? The Nirbhaya case of Delhi occurred on 16 December 2012 and four accused were sentenced to death, right from the trial court to Supreme Court but the rapist are still not hanged but one the most heinous criminal was set free after 3 years from reformatory on his being Juvenile Criminal. Fast track court only at the trial court level will not serve the purpose, the appeal before High Court and Supreme Court and mercy petition before the President of India must be cleared in fast disposal. Otherwise merely the fast trial court alone is a self illusion and if no use.

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