First Step


The revocation of Article 370 along with 35 (A) appears to be first step of the Modi Government. The Union Home Minister Mr.Amit Shah told the Parliament on next day that the Central Government would take corrective measures on Jammu-Kashmir to free it from terrorism and set up new administration as full fledged state of India. Thereafter full statehood would be restored there and it would cease to be union territory. It also appear certain that Union Territory Ladakh will also have its own elected Vidhan Sabha. Apart from such internal changes Mr.Shah has made another big announcement that by Kashmir he meant Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and China occupied Aksai Chin in Laddakh area also. Even before the Indo-China war the China in a clandestine way secretly constructed a road in Aksai Chin area when it came in the knowledge of India Government during the Nehru Period the China claimed it as its own territory and also refused to recognize MacMohan Line as border between India and China. Since then the border dispute is still going on between the two nations.  The only and effective change that it has come now that Modi Government put the foot down when China tried to make a road at Doklam near Sikkim. For 74 days the Army jawans of India and China were face to face ready for any eventuality. Prime Minister Mr.Modi publically declared that if there has to a war on Doklam, let it happen. Ultimately the China withdraw from Doklam taking away its road making machines etc. But Pakistan has allowed China to construct road known as economic corridor to pass through Pakistan occupied Kashmir. India on record objected to this move. It appears that now Modi Government will take up the issue of Pak-occupied Kashmir and Chinese occupation of Aksai Chin. The United Nations and other countries apprehending some grave tension between India and Pakistan urged both the nations to maintain calm on its common borders. But it all depends on the attitude of Pakistan. Now Modi Government is retaliating it with surgical strike and Air Force strike on Jaise-Mohammad installations inside the Pakistan at Balakot and Quetta. The ‘All Out’ military action against terrorist is already going in Kashmir and most of them have been liquidated. In direct Central rule there action will come to an end with all out. There are indication that now the Modi Government will initiate action to frame and implement Common Civil Code in the country.

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