Flood Fury


The entire nation is in the grip of flood fury as never before. The dams are full and all the rivers in the high spate. In Madhya Pradesh all dams are full and gates opened to discharge the excess water. The rivers are already in flood and dam water added to it has caused much more flood in it and village and towns on its of banks pushed in wash away situation. The Bargi Dam on Narmada all the 15 gates are opened. The highest Narmada dam Sardar Sarovar dam in Gujarat it all 25 gates were opened to discharge excess water. In Sidhi and Dhar tanks breached submerging many villages.  In Madhya Pradesh the flood situation is worse in Khargaon and Badwani. The national and state ways are badly damaged and many of roads are totally washed away.  All the metro cities and big cities are affected by flood. In Kolhapur and Sangli in Maharashtra the ground floor of all the houses are under water. In Himalayan hill states Himachal, Uttarakhand in heavy landslide mountains have come down on roads blocking traffic movements. The country wide floods all over has established that with reckless and senseless construction there drainage system stand abolished and without any outlet for the water the cities are getting submerged. This year the entire country is badly hits by flood will require massive programme of relief rehabilitation. It is bound to affect the nation and state vary badly. Even then it will not be possible to compensate the flood victims fully. Many have lost all the possession that they had.  The agriculture all over is also facing wipe out situation. At many places the crops are total loss. Now it is too late to go for another sowing. In Capital Bhopal its main water source the Bhoj Sagar (Bada Talab) is full after a long gap of three years. Its gates are opened. It appears in the season it will discharge its excess water many time. The rainy month ‘Sawan’ is going on and another month of heavy rains ‘Bhadon’ is coming. The South and Western states Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu the entire state facing flood devastation.  In these floods thousands of cars and trucks are washed away causing loss of millions of rupees. The entire country needs proper drainage system for water outlet as a permanent solution of flood problem.