Foggy Weather


With the heavy snowfall in the northern states the cold waves are lashing Madhya Pradesh. With no clouds there is full sunlight in the days but cold waves are also there. There is dip in the night temperature. In the early morning hours thick fog is also there. But due to clear sky and full sunlight it wither away in short time. The fog and dew are providing moisture to agricultural fields and with full sun there are no apprehension of frost attack on crops. Generally there are winter rains known as ‘Mavta’ in the month of January. Presently there are no cloud formation and winter rains may occur in late January. The bright sun in the day is helping the rabi crops to come in good shape. According to the weather office the temperature in Delhi has come down to 5 degree Celsius and in soon coming days the chill in Madhya Pradesh will increase. The foggy conditions have adversely affected the train movements from north. Due to fog the number of road accidents are also on increase.