Folk and cultural programmes enthrall audience


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Folk and cultural programmes were held on Day Four of the Lokrang at the BHEL Dusshera Ground. Various cultural activities and folk traditions were organized. The artist Om Prakash Bhatt from Rajasthan performed the traditional puppet dance for the Bhopalites. The Rajasthani stories told through puppet dance, fizzy shades of seven different States of India and the martial arts performance from China were the highlights of the third day of Lokrang festival. The costumes of these statues made by carving a piece of wood and crown were in the medieval Rajasthani style that mesmerized the audience. Shiv Gupta and team performed a sweet presentation of Nimadi Lok singing in which the rendition of Bhilal Dev’s life narrative, singing hymns, singing hymns of Nirguni Section and humorous satire was performed. Folk artists from different states of the country presented the beautiful presentation of the folk dances of their regions in front of the audience under ‘heritage’ section. The programme started with the Karma dance of Chhattisgarh. Performers from Jammu and Kashmir performed the famous Dogri dance and Surma dance there. Artists from Bundelkhand of Madhya Pradesh presented a famous folk dance Rai on the stage of Lokarang. Artists from Sikkim gave a beautiful performance of Tamang Selo, popular group dance of Tamang community. Lingo and Dhangiri Gaja of Maharashtra, Kawri Kadgam of Tamil Nadu, Mobile Jagogai, Leiteng Haiba of Manipur and Tribal Dances of Nagaland, “Mardani Jhandhar” and Domkach of Jharkhand, Bhariya Tribe of Patalkot in Madhya Pradesh A glimpse of the culture and tradition of various provinces was seen through the Bhadam dance.

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