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Folly of Ceasefire


The Central Government committed a folly of asking the armed forces on Kashmir Valley to observe ceasefire against terrorist during the month of Ramzan. The Army has cautioned the Modi Government against such move of ceasefire suggesting that ceasefire is a two-way affair. The anti India elements, terrorists and Pakistan will not observe the ceasefire although the Ramzan is the Muslim religious affair. Rather they would take full advantage of lull in Army action. This is what happening there on the Kashmir. They have mounted attack on Army and Para Military forces. On the last Friday after prayer in Srinagar Jama Masjid when the hundreds of Namazis were coming out sighted a CRP Jeep and the Namazis attacked the CRPF jeep. The driver of the vehicle to save themselves moved the jeep onwards and in such a violent atmosphere two of the attackers came under the wheels of a jeep and killed. They themselves have committed to crime of murderous attack and entire violent mob should have been gunned down. But the State Government has registered a case against the driver of the jeep for rash driving and causing death by negligence. On one hand the Modi Government after taking a policy decision of no more talks on Kashmir with Pakistan and ordered the Army to launch ‘All out’ operation against the terrorists in the Valley. Their Army and Para Military forces gunned down many terrorists in the operation and carrying out it inside the Valley and outside the Pakistan also not observed Ramzan ceasefire and continued shelling across the borders. The one sided ceasefire during Ramzan they have taken full advantage of Army not using arms. The attack on armed forces are increasing in the Valley. So far in recent attacks and firing 11 jawans of Border Security Force were killed. During Ramzan the Army and CRPF and BSF Jawans are not opening fire and the terrorists taking advantage attacking the Jawans and snatched their arms. After giving ‘All out’ call to the Army the Ramzan ceasefire directive is outright folly of the Government. The BJP is sharing the Government with PDP of Mehbooba Mufti. In the jeep mishap the State Government has registered a case against CRPF driver. It is highly obnoxious act of the State Government to book case against the personal of CRPF to save himself and the officer sitting in the jeep moved his vehicle forward. To book case against the Army and police forces is an act of treason. For such offence the Coalition Government of State should be dismissed and BJP should come out of the coalition Government.

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