For learning Sindhi language books were distributed to Sindhi students


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Sindhu Sena has administer an oath to the students of children hope India School situated at Gandhi Nagar to talk in Sindhi with their relatives and friends. Books were also distributed for conversion of Hindi to Sindhi language. On this occassion the president of Sindhu Sena, Rakesh Kukreja has told to the students that on 10 April 1967 Sindhi language was included in the 8th schedule of Indian Constitution and Sindhi language is at 15th position of the Indian languages. On this occassion the director of the school Mr.Yogesh Hingorani has said that we cannot forget the efforts of the previous Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Bajpai and previous Deputy Prime Minister Lalkrishna Adwani to give Constitutional standard to Sindhi Language. On this occassion Sindhi Children have pledged to talk in Sindhi with their relatives and friends. On the occassion the president of Sindhu Sena Santnagar,Sumit Ahuja,Ajit Rajani, Rajesh Soni, Vikas Wadhwani, Sonu Katariya, Avit Adwani, Naresh Golani and other members of Sindhu Sena with other school students.