Fraudulently changed debit cards with a boy and withdraw rupees 15000


Chronicle Crime Reporter, Bhopal Under Kohefiza police station area two frauds cunningly exchanged bank debit cards with a boy and withdraw rupees 15000 from the ATM. When plaintiff mother received the message from the bank this act of cheat was disclosed. According to the Kohefiza police, Kabeer Shera is a resident of Panchwati Colony. On Sunday his wife send her 13 year old son Areeg Ali to the ATM to withdraw rupees 3000. As Areeg Ali entered the ATM, two unknown persons started chatting with him. They told that they will educate him how to withdraw the money from the ATM and they took rupees 3000 out from the ATM for Areeg. In the mean time they changed the debit card of Areeg and given him back the duplicate one. During this they entangled Areeg and took the password also. When Areeg reached his house, a message came in his mother’s mobile that rupees 15000 was were withdrawn from her bank account. After that she asked her son about this withdrawal. Areeg narrated the whole story to his mother. Then they all went to Kohefiza police station and filed a complaint. Police registered a case of fraud against two accused. Now police is exploring the footages of CCTV which is installed in ATM. Police says that they will catch the frauds very soon.