Frost Condition


Due to severe cold waves from the northern Himalayan states for some days the frost conditions have occurred in Madhya Pradesh northern divisions of Gwalior, Chambal, Sagar, Rewa and Shahdol. The frost occur as dew has freeze into ice sheet. The same conditions is prevailing in the nearby Bhopal in Raisen and Sehore districts. Till now with usual cold conditions and sunny days the crops were coming very well indicating bumper crops. But if frost persists the situation will deteriorate. For four years back frost conditions occurred in the state also resulting in pest attack. At that time the state provided relief to farmers by paying compensation. When dew turns into ice its affects are known after a week time. Burning of wastes near farms provide some relief but on such a wide scale it is neither possible and feasible to cover all the fields in the state. The farmers and the Government sitting crossed fingers hoping the cold waves may diminish, but the weather office has cautioned that in coming 24 hours the cold conditions are likely to aggravate further.