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Functioning of Parliament


The Parliament Budget session has been come to such a pass that the General Budget could not be discussed and debated due to constant every day bedlam in the House and passed. During the Congress led UPA Government one entire Monsoon session was washed off without transacting any business. At that time all were worried that in such a way how the Parliament would function. At that time Bhartiya Janata Party was in opposition and on the demand of setting up JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) to probe into Spectrum stalled the entire session. But now things have gone worse than before. In the Budget session some parties moved the motion of no confidence against the Modi Government but it could not be taken up as due to bedlam the Speaker could not count the number of members in support of it. In some democracies the system are thrown out in the military coup like Pakistan and Myanmar. In Nepal the democratic Government was thrown out in the Royal coup by the King Mahindra by ousting the Nepali Congress Government of Prime Minister BP Koirala. But in India as it is peculiar situation. If Parliament cannot be allowed to function then what else system of Governance should replace it. The President and the Governors of the States are constitutional head and swear to protect and defend the constitution of India. Now under such a situation the President of India should summon the conference of Governors to discuss the situation of non functioning the constitutional bodies the Parliament and the Vidhan Sabha. The Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya Sabha are required to conduct the business of the Parliament in accordance with the rules and regulations framed by the Parliament itself. The Rules say member shall speaks from his or her seat with the permission of the Speaker, there shall not be any demonstration in the House. But despite all the such Rules the members gather in the well or the House just before the Speaker podium and constantly raise slogans and not allowing the Parliament to function. The members are themselves not following the rules of the Parliament. The President should make a reference sue motto to the Supreme Court to advice him what right he has in the Constitution to ensure functioning of the Parliament in such situation.

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