Funds of Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna stuck in red tape


Families compelled to spend bitter cold nights in shanties Chronicle Reporter, Sagar Hundreds of families in Bundelkhand have not received funds for constructing houses under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna. Due to which they are forced to spend their nights in the cold. Destroying their old houses, they now live in a temporary hut that do a little to keep the elements at bay. A majority of such families live in Sagar and Tikamgarh districts.Under this scheme, beneficiaries will get Rs. 2.5 lacs in three installments. Eligible candidates have to first destroy their homes, give a layout mark of their plot, and then contact the authorities with photographic evidence. Installments have been approved as per the progress of the construction of the house. Officers are considered to inspect the structure after the first phase, after which the second installment is approved. But these hundreds of beneficiaries continue to wait for money after clearing land for construction of house, officials said on condition of anonymity. According to official sources, there are 2,050 houses for the construction of Khurai Municipality of Sagar district under this scheme. However, till date, only 1,185 beneficiaries have received acceptance letters. Kaladevi Vishwakarma, a resident of Nanak ward, said she demolished her house over two months ago and submitted photographs of the layout to the officials concerned. “However, we have not even received the first instalment until now. We are weathering the winter in a makeshift shanty these days, and my husband blames me (for signing up for the scheme),” she said. Rani, a neighbour, said she has spent the last four months waiting for the first instalment of funds. Two others, Bharat Mukherjee and Rano Bi, told HT that they have been waiting for two. Tulsa Bai is luckier, but only just. Her family laid the foundations of the house and side walls after receiving the first two instalments, but the third seems to be stuck in red tape. “Only after receiving the third instalment can we complete our house,” she said. Khurai Nagar Palika chief municipal officer BL Singh said the bank accounts of some beneficiaries became defunct due to lack of transactions, and officials were in the process of renewing them. “They should be able to resume work on their houses soon,” he added. Beneficiaries at Badagaon Nagar panchayat in Tikamgarh district have similar complaints. Tillu Khagar from ward 12 said he demolished his old house, after which he received Rs 40,000 as the first instalment. “We laid the foundations of our new residence with that, but then the money stopped coming in. We have been living in chilly conditions for two months now,” he added. Bhaiyan Khagar, another beneficiary from the same ward, is also awaiting his second instalment of building funds. His neighbour, Raju, has not even received the first one. Badagaon Nagar panchayat president Ram Charan Kasgar denied reports that the administration has stopped depositing funds into the bank accounts of beneficiaries. “A team from Bhopal has to inspect the progress for the second and third instalments. We hope they come soon,” he added.