Further Delay in Monsoon


The due date of monsoon arrival in Madhya Pradesh is June 10 and its comes around it within few days earlier or later. But beyond it is considered as late monsoon. It is assessed with the arrival of South West monsoon in Kerala. It is well in time there and the weather office assessed its arrival in the State on June 13. But after torrential rains in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Konkan and Maharashtra it got weakened and there is at present no weather system to push it forward. Initially the weather office said that it is delayed for a weak but now another prediction in that is delayed further another week. Presently it is in total is delayed by a fortnight, meanwhile the state is experiencing pre monsoon rains almost all over the state. The State is lucky it like other states of north the Madhya Pradesh few days back experienced storm hit at many places but dust stormed have not invaded the state.Farmers are worried over the delay but it is expected to break in the state soon.