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Galloping Petro Prices


The price of petrol has gone up beyond of Rs 80 per liter and the cost of diesel reached the level Rs 70 per liter. The main objective of Goods and Serves Tax (GST) to built up one market and one price throught the Nation can never be achieved without bringong the petrol, diesel, coal, electricity all under the GST at one rate in the whole country and bring down the prices of all goods. The Government should reduce the cost of petrol and diesel to bring the transportation cost. Under the GST and many tax slabs of many commodities even the food taking in the hotels are covered which has no general use. It is very easy for the Government to reduce transport cost by reducing the Central and State taxes on petrol and diesel. At present the taxes on petrol are Rs 46.73 and on diesel Rs 31.29 per liter. The Governments are not honest towards people. Its one-sided and anti-people. When the prices of petrol and diesel were decontrolled and brought under the market system of going up and down on demand and supply principle. But the Central and State Government violated its own commitment to the public rather deceived it. When in 2014 onwards in the coming years upto 2016 the prices of petro crude in the international market came down 106.85 dollar per barrel deep low 29.80 per dollar the prices of petrol and diesel should also have been brought down in the proportion on the market principles. But Centre and State enhanced its tax slab to keep their revenue earning as it is. It was clear violation and unethical on the part of the Government to deprive the people, the benefit of price reduction in the shape of reduction of prices of petrol and diesel and above all reducing the transportaion cost. In India the taxation on petrol and diesel are highest in the World. In every goods price the transport charges are just half of it. Either the Central and State Governments should bring in the petrol and diesel under the GST or it should be scrapped as it can not achieve the objective of one national market with one price in the whole country. The GST is the deception. The Modi Government is not serious in its commitments towards the people whether in bringing the black money or reducing the prices. Mr Rahul Gandhi has said its Gabbar Singh Tax the GST tax dacoity. When crude prices can down the Government enhanced the tax slabs for about 10 times. Gradually the Centre and the States are moving in the direction of bringing the petrol prices up to Rs 100 per liter. All the time the Central and all the State Government assure the people of taking measures to bring down the prices. The Government can achieve it by minimum taxes on the petro and diesel. The Union Petroleum Minister Mr Dharmendra Pradhan promised in December 2015 in the case of prices rise of petrol and diesel the Government will reduce excise and VAT taxes.

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