Ganesh idol made using medicine wrappers


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Some of the world’s smallest paintings and carvings done on single grains of rice are on display at city’s Swaraj Bhavan. The three-day exhibition concluded on Wednesday. Painters of state and the country took part in the three-day painting exhibition organized in the memory of Deep Vajpai. The artists have used waste material like wrappers of medicines to make Ganesh, Durga idols. Another artist has used spare parts of vehicles to make a painting of a horse. Similarly the flow of River Ganges from the ‘jata’ of Lord Shiva is also depicted. Some of the paintings and carvings depict the talent and imagination of the artist. You will have to see them to believe them. There are many paintings the size of a penny and in great detail. City artist Deepansh has shown his extraordinary talent by engraving four faces on a grain of rice. Besides he made a painting of Monalisa on 3.5 by 5 mm size. The 1971 Indo-Pak war and the partition of Bangladesh are also depicted in the exhibition.