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Ganga Activist Sacrifice


Professor Mr.GD Agarwal alias Swami Gyan Swaroop Sananda sacrificed himself for the cause of making Ganga Clean. Medically he died of cardiac arrest (heart fail) but actually he died of inaction of the Ganga Action Plan authorities. The 87 year old retired IIT professor was on fast for 111 days since June 22 to protest against the alleged inaction in taking measures to make Ganga clean. Earlier in 2011 another Swami Nigamanand died after fasting for more than two months seeking ban on illegal mining in Ganga River. Before his death Professor Agarwal declared he would not take fluids from October 10 and would die before the Dussehra festival which is on October 19. The Government apathy towards the Professor is a moral crime besides repulsive administrative function. The call to clean all rivers was given by socialist leader Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia but it went to deaf ears of the Government. It remained just an idea. But actually it was Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi who originated the Ganga Action Plan on these particular pious river Ganga. He is another ‘Bhagirath’ and formulated and launched Ganga Action Plan with massive fund allotment for it. It was his pet project and he was devoted to it. In political changes he lost power and his successor Prime Minister Mr.VP Singh deliberately ignored it for being pet project of Mr.Gandhi. But his wife Mrs.Sonia Gandhi revived it when the UPA assumed power. In between Uma Bharti on shifting to U.P. politics took up the cause on her own to take up Ganga Action Plan. She joined hands with then Congress President Mrs.Sonia Gandhi. When BJP led by Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi came to power he took action on the Ganga Action Plan on priority on getting elected from Varanasi the city situated in the banks of River Ganga. The Ganga job assigned to Uma Bharti but now Mr.Nitin Gadkari incharge of Ganga Action Plan. But it is a tragedy that even now the Ganga Action is not in picking up. Professor GD Agarwal in his prolonged 111 days took up the cause of Ganga and tried his best to river Ganga Action Plan and he died for fighting about it. The Modi Government should have taken up the cause urgently to clean Ganga and save the life of Professor Agarwal but we lost him. His prolonged fast he died for Ganga. Fast revival of Ganga Action Plan will be true homage to Professor GD Agarwal.

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