Gap in Monsoon


The Monsoon arrived in the Madhya Pradesh 14 days late from North West Indore-Chambal-Gwalior divisions of Malwa-Nimar region. In Vindhya region it also rained heavily initially on its arrivals. It was heaviest in Badwani and the district headquarters was in high floods. But it is proved that right from Mumbai to Badwani and to Bhopal that there were floods not correlated with the monsoon but because there were no outlet and all that blocked due to haphazard constructions all over even on nullah. Some two years there were floods in the Capital of Bhopal and it was not due to rains but because of constructions on the nullah. Now such situation is prevailing all over creating artificial floods. These days after initial monsoon rain there is gap in it. Such gaps spoils the impact of initial rains by drying up, no moisture making and no scope of making underground water. Due to cutting of forests on large areas all over the rain of many days are no more and turned into occasional rains. If the gap of dry days persists it will adversely affect the agricultural operation and water in dams and rivers.