Garudasan object of month at IGRMS


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya organized the object of month for the month of May. This object of the month ‘Garudasan’ has been compiled by N Sakamacha Singh (Museum Associate) explained the exhibit and mythological story behind it. He said the three tiered Garudasan is believed to have been founded with the Vaisnavite preachings of the Gunamala (a Holy Manuscript that gives a complete description of the Lord) is established on topmost tier of the altar for worship. It is said that the three tiers represent three important commandments; Truthfulness (Satya), Kindness (Daya) and Forgiveness (Kshyama) which essentially is required for a successful Grihasthi, married and family life. Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva laid this essence of Garudasana to provide equal opportunity of worship and the preachings of the neo-vaisnavite philosophy for a better society. He firmly believed that where there is Bhakta (devotee), there is Lord; the Asana (altar) seated on Garuda is a perfect example of the Lord and his Bhakta (devotee); the presence of Garudasana in the household itself is believed to accord the benign presence of the Lord. Two different forms of Asanas were ascribed among the Vaisnavites of Assam; Singhasanas and the Garudasanas. The multi-tiered platform of the Singhasana ranges contains seven tiers, signifying an imagination of the Sapta-Vaikuntha (seven celestial abode) of the Lord Vishnu. They were established in the Namghar (Prayer Hall) of the Satra while three tiered Garudasanas were especially meant for the family worship. These Asanas, which were traditionally prepared by the Bhagatas (monks) of the Satras (Vaishnava Monastries) now started aloof from the sole authority of the Satras. New forms are also gearing up in the markets.