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Gir Lions for MP


Ultimately the Gujarat Government has agreed to relocate some of its speciality Gir Lions in Madhya Pradesh at Kuno-Palpur Tiger sanctuary in Morena District. Way back in April 2013 the Supreme Court took note of over population of lions in the Gir Forest of Gujarat beyond the capacity of 650 lions and asked it to relocate some of it about 6 of Gir lions in Madhya Pradesh. But the Gujarat government declined to comply with the Supreme Court putting up a lame excuse of Gir lions being it single out identity. It was narrow mindedness of Gujarat. Now on contempt petition before the Supreme Court for non-compliance of its earlier order the Central Government has informed the court that a committee has constituted for shifting of Gir lions from Gujarat to Kano in Madhya Pradesh. Gir lions known as “Babbar” lions are found in India only in Gir Gujarat otherwise it are available in abundance in Africa. But it is magnanimity of Madhya Pradesh that there was only one white tiger remained in the world in the forest of Bandhavgarh. It was almost extinct species but from one white tiger named Mohan. Madhya Pradesh produced many more white tiger and given it over to the whole world.

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