Give freehand to army to crush Naxal


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, What do we say to this, irresponsibility or the negligence of rulers of India? They cannot even see that the Naxalites are very close to cover Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, South-East Madhya Pradesh, Odessa, East Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal and mobilizing them to establish the ‘Red Corridor’. If they succeed, then not only the train and road network which connects Southern India to Eastern India will be mangled but the northeastern states will also be disconnected from the mainland. Railway lines which connect Kolkata to Chennai and from Kolkata to Mumbai via Nagpur are already rests on the verge of mercy of Naxalites. And if they reach eastern Uttar Pradesh then the Delhi-Kolkata railway line will also come under their control. If this happens then the railway connection between eastern states to western states and northern states to southern states will be disconnected. So if it is to deal correctly with the Naxal Terror, then it is necessary to accept the exact nature of problem. This ‘Red Terror’ is actually the civil war and this rebellion which is against the country, needs to be crushed down. Even it is the government of India or it is the government of the state, this problem should not be seen under political angle. This is not the problem of one state this is the biggest danger to the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the nation. Actually, much of the politics in the country always affect national policy. The same happened with the Naxal terrorism that was happened with the Islamic Terrorism. In both circumstances, leaders argued that they are our Indians; therefore it is not okay to control them by making harsh laws or using force. There were many examples where political leader used these traitors to fulfill their political mileage. Naxal terrorists, equipped with highly advanced, state of the art weapons are free to do heinous crimes, money extortion and other criminal activities. Does internal security experts does not have any policy to curb, like the policy which was used in the Punjab to abolish the terrorism. Can’t we see how the European and western countries appear to be ruthless with the culprits, who kill their army men? Why we not get so angry on the killing of our army soldier in India? The terrorism was cleared due to the strong resolve power and effective working plan in Punjab. The example of Andhra Pradesh is also there where the Naxal terrors were ran away to Chhattisgarh. But the biggest irony is that the Naxal suffering states don’t have coordination between their networks even the home minister himself has accepted this fact. What is the reason that for the last 30 years, the Naxal’s have been placing land mines and experts did not develop that technology which can find it? Our arms and ammunition are inferior in comparison with Naxal’s weapons. Why India’s entire defense system cannot wipe Naxals who are only in thousands in numbers. This is disturbing question that, due to the loose and weak policies of the government that we are losing our brave soldiers. It is proved that that they are funded from foreign, especially from the neighboring countries. The rocket launchers and other modern weapons are being manufactured. Satellite phone is there communication medium. After this there should be no doubt that how to fight with this organized terrorist group. Are we waiting to get out of the forests and attacked on our cities, blasts their bombs in malls or in crowded areas or make thousands of people hostages. Only then we will awake? The thing to understand is, when the battle begins to take over state and politics. So the action should be like the actions normally done on the enemy country and there should not be any scope for ifs and buts. In Jabalpur there is a head quarter of army headed by a Lieutenant General which covers Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odessa and Allahabad. Balaghat, Mandla and Dhindhori are adjoining Jabalpur. These are all highly affected areas of Naxal terror. According to the source the army has all the intelligence information of that area regarding Naxals. So if they get orders they can get active and can attack on Naxals. Although the use of army against internal problems should be the last option but before the crises become bigger, it should be crushed and the army is capable to do so. As in Jammu and Kashmir and in north east the army is carrying out its obligation. In the same way all the Naxal affected area should be handed over to army with free hand because state police forces and central police forces have restrictions. Even their training and armament are not of that level. Only army is capable to crush these cruel traitors. Therefore, they should be given freehand by giving them the task of destroying them from the roots.