Goli Maaro slogan at Rajiv Chowk Metro, six detained


New Delhi, Feb 29 (UNI) Six people have been detained for sloganeering inside the Delhi Metro station after a group on Saturday morning gathered at Rajiv Chowk station, one of the busiest and important metro train station in Delhi and were seen raising pro CAA slogan calling to gun down traitors. Donning orange head gear and white T-shirts the group was seen in a video that went viral wherein they were chanting the slogan 'desh ke gaddaron ko goli maaro sa**n ko' which means shoot those traitors betraying the nation.The six are being questioned by the police after they were handed over by the CISF which is responsible for metro security to the Delhi Police Metro unit. As soon as they began the sloganeering , the group was intercepted by the CISF personnel.

The whole incident took place around 1052 hours this morning ,according to a statement by the Metro officials who added that any kind of demonstration or agitation was prohibited in the Metro premises.Rajiv Chowk metro station which is one of the most important metro train station witnessed such an incident for the first time and the passengers and onlookers quickly took out their camera phones and captured the incident. There were discussions triggered on the social media platforms and people shared the information through social media.