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Governor greets Padmashri Bashir Badr on his birthday


Governor Lalji Tandon greeted and congratulated renowned poet Padmashri Bashir Badr at his residence on the latter’s 85th birthday. The Governor presented him with shawl and bouquet. When Bashir’s wife Smt. Rahat Badr told him that Lalji Tandon from Lucknow has come to Bhopal as Governor and has come to greet you on his birthday, Bashir ji said with a naive smile “hamare paas ayen hai to hamare hain’ (if he has come to us he is ours).  Suffering from dementia, not much remain in the memories of Bashir Badr but when his wife recalled two or three of his famous ‘sher’, he smiled. Bashir ji, who has lost all his memory, however, does not forget to kiss the hand of anyone who comes to meet him. 

This is the love in his subconscious mind.  Smt. Rahat Badar told the Governor that late Atal ji was a great fan of Bashir Saheb and used to call him Bhadra Saheb. She recalled Bashir ji’s shayari, ease, simplicity and Atal ji at a Mushaira in Lucknow. This soulful meeting with Badr Saheb took place on the initiative of lalji Tandon. Governor Tandon said that when I came to Bhopal, I was very eager to meet Bashir Saheb.  It is a coincidence that I got this opportunity on his birthday. Bashir Saheb cut the cake in the presence of the Governor, his family and close ones. The Governor wished Bashir Saheb a healthy life.

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