Govt failed to curb crimes against women: Ajay


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Leader of Opposition in the State assembly Ajay Singh said that women in the State are not safe and secure and there is high risk in venturing out of the house for the women. The Chief Minister should inspect and review work of Home minister and remove him from the shouldering the responsibility with immediate effect. Instead of strict actions, government is resorting to slogans. In the past 6 months even after topping the country in number of rape cases which was revealed in the NCRB report nothing concrete was done by the government which has made the criminals and hooligans fearless. The women and girls are harassed to the extent of taking extreme step of suicide. In the last three days three girl students frustrated of molestation and harassment have committed suicide. On June 29 last year in CM Chouhan’s district one girl student had committed suicide after being harassed and molested. In the month of August last year a class 9 student committed suicide after been molested. In Guna on September 9 last year parents of a molested girl was attacked with sharp edged weapons after they complaint regarding the molestation. Two incidents were reported in the month of October last year in the first incidence on October 23 victim girl’s father was burnt alive after he stopped the accused from molesting his daughter. In the other incident four days later on October 27 two persons were shot dead after they opposed the miscreants from teasing and molesting. Ajay Singh alleged that CM Chouhan managed to pass the bill regarding death sentence for rape accused only to gain political mileage but failed to curb the atrocities and crimes reported across the state and brought shame to the state.