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Govt Schools on Contract


It sounds strange and absurd that the Madhya Pradesh Government is thinking of giving the Government schools on contract to run it. From the time immemorial it is considered as basic duty of the Government to open, manage and run the roads, schools and hospitals and keep the military strong to thwart any aggression. But now roads given to contractors under PPP (Public and Private Participation) and toll tax is virtually road tax that contractors are collecting it. What to say of primary health centres and district hospitals even the hospitals of Government Medical Colleges are in worst condition and very costly private hospitals are well equipped and well staffed but at a very heavy cost beyond the reach of common man. Even the Governor of the State when sick do not go the Government Medical College hospitals but the private hospital which can be classified as luxury hospitals. Now there are moves to give it on contract. When there are right to education and universal education (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) it is Government job to ensure total enrolment of children in schools.A day may come when even the Government will be given on contract to run the administration.

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