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Gramophone: Friend as well as advisor of farmers


Mobile app brings right kind of inputs to achieve better yields for peasants Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, So far the farmers used to sow crops after seeing the colour of skies or the behavior of birds. As they did not have correct information about the weather they had no option but to wait for the rains. There were no arrangements to give them correct and latest information about the farming and how to protect the crop from pests. But now with new technology a new mobile app gramophone has come which will give them all information about crops and solve all the problems of the farmers. The farmers can give a miss call on toll free number (1800 123 6566) and get all problems related to farming resolved by experts. The gramophone is a mobile app which gives correct and accurate information to farmers about how they can increase their crop yield. Gramophone is one-stop solution for all inputs related to farmers and they can obtain farming equipments, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agriculture hardware etc through this app. At Gramophone the attempt is to create a difference in farming by bringing timely information, technology and right kind of inputs to achieve better yields for farmers. The company’s endeavour is to bring the best products and knowledge to the farmers. Gramophone is one stop solution for all kinds of inputs for the farmers. Farmers can buy genuine crop protection, crop nutrition, seeds, implements and agri hardware at their doorstep. Gramophone believes that technology can remove information asymmetry in the agriculture system. Farmers can access localized package of practice, crop advisory, weather information coupled with the best products to grow. This will improve the productivity and help farmers sustainably increase the income from agriculture. Qualities of gramophone app This app has three main sections: Bazar (market), Meri Kheti and Samuday Bazar: This app provides information to the farmers regarding which pesticides and manures are available for their crops in the market. Which diseases infest crops and what pesticides must be used to protect crops. Many photos are also available in this section. The farming material like seed, farming equipment, pesticide, fertilizer etc purchased by farmers through this app are provided at the suitable price and quality along with the bill. Meri Kheti: Trough this section the farmers get information related to weather, government schemes, etc. They can immediately know the rates at the mandis. It is easy for them to decide at which mandi they must sell their produce. Farmers conveniently get many suggestions related to the farming. Agriculture experts regularly give latest and correct guidance to the farmers. Samuday: In this part of the app, the farmers share information related to the farming with other people. Farmers get answers to many of their queries from the fellow farmers. For example if the godown built for storing onions is suitable and why the colour of their crop is changing. In this section farmers talk with each other. Farmers can post photos related to their crops and exchange suggestions. It is like agriculture related social media platform of the village where there are discussions related to crop, field, mandi, weather etc.

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