Grand Inaugural of the Two - Day International Conference at BSSS


For a healthy society, youth has to come forward with their creativity- says Arch Bishop Leo Cornelio

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal BSSS has organised an International Conference on “Canvas of International Business: Opportunities and Challenges” CIBOC 2018, on 23rd and 24th February, which intends to deal with multidisciplinary topics pertaining to the title theme thus opening new vistas for thought and action. The event was inaugurated with the traditional lighting of lamp as a symbol of knowledge and learning, followed by the BSSS Anthem and the floral welcome of the dignitaries as a token of our gratitude and appreciation for them. The Convener of the Conference, Ms. Sunita Anand, introduced the august gathering with the concept note of the conference and elaborated that the two - day event aims to discuss and analyse topics like - international business, marketing, emerging trends in language and education, management, accounting and finance, ethics and society and redefining sustainable development. Principal of the college, Dr. Fr. John PJ, in his address, expressed his gratitude for the guests for gracing the occasion and appreciated the relentlessness hard work of the organizing team to have conceptualized and designed the conference almost to perfection. The conference proposes to evolve innovative ideas after much brainstorming and intellectual discussions. The Chief Guest of the Inaugural Ceremony, Most Reverend Arch Bishop, Bhopal Diocese and Chairman BSSS, Dr. Leo Cornelio stressed on the burning need of channelizing and transforming youthful energy into creative action generating peace and love - the two emotions which ultimately bind the world into a harmonious whole.World is an open platform of opportunities and it finally depends on the individual to grasp and utilize the same. The Guest of Honour of the session, Dr. GS Chauhan, Deputy Secreatry UGC-CRO, Bhopal, appreciated the efforts of the college to have organised this conference which may lead to certain concrete plan of action. The Special Guest, Dr. Meher Spurgeon, Regional Programme Advisor, United Board of Christian Education Institutions, Asia Region, discussed in a very light vein yet a very grave issue that at world pedestal accepting the diversities and celebration of those differences is the key to close bonding. Education should not only equip students with employability skills but also educate students about life. The release of the Conference ‘Souvenir’ and the UGC Approved ‘BSSS Journal of Commerce’, were other highlights of the day. The inaugural ceremony was followed by the Plenary Session in which the Key-Note Speaker, Dr. Kishore Gopal Pillai, Prof., Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia, UK, delivered a talk on “Social Capital in organisations in an International Context:Towards a balanced perspective”. Dr. Smitha R Nair, Lecturer, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia, UK, talked at length on “Knowledge Transfers in Multinationals”. The conference has various technical sessions, poster presentation sessions, book releases followed by the final valedictory ceremony scheduled for tomorrow.