Grand welcome to Ekatm Yatra on reaching Datia


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal ‘Ekatm Yatra’ is being conducted by the state government to apprise people about the incomparable contributions of ‘Adi Guru Shankaracharya’, the saint who established cultural, religious and spiritual unity, inspirer of Adwait Vedant, the saint who restore Sanatan Sanskriti and devdoot of cultural unity. Beside this, the Ekatm Yatra has also been set out with the motto to collect metal for the statue of Shankaracharya Ji at Omkareshwar. The yatra reached Datia from Sikandara Naka toady. Minister for Public Relations, Water Resources and Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Narottam Mishra on the way near Garera, paid obeisance to the charan padukas of Adi Guru and accorded welcome to the yatra. Dr. Mishra also took blessings from the saints after performing paduka poojan. Yatra reached Datia city after its arrival in the district. Yatra entered Datia After the welcome accorded on the way at Udgawan, Palothra, Dong Karera and Chepra. Datia city was decorated with toran gates. Yatra reached Baggikhana traversing through Traffic Chowki Pul, Civil Lines, Rajghat Tiraha, Maa Pitambara Peeth, Gurudwara and Rajgarh Chouraha. Shobha Yatra was conducted by placing Padukas on the baggi of Santshri from Maa Pitambhara Peeth to Qila Chowk. Yatra was accorded grand welcome at market. District President of B.J.P. Vikram Singh Bundela, Yatra’s Coordinator MLA Pradeep Agrawal, Assistant Coordinator Pramod Pujari, President Jila Panchayat Smt. Rajni Prajapati, officers, eminent persons of the district and other citizens were present during the yatra. Sant Parmatmanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj, Chairman Tourism Development Corporation Tapan Bhoumik, Chairman Child Rights Commission Raghvendra Sharma, Kabir Panthi Bhagwat Das and Brahamakumari Niketa Behen accompanied the yatra. Paduka poojan was performed and lamp was lighted in the samvad programme held in the campus of Baggikhana of Datia. Parmatmanand Saraswati said that Adi Guru Shankaracharya was born 1200 years ago in Kerala. He worked to unite Bharat Varsha in one bond by leaving his house at the age of 8 years. He was incarnation of God. He said that soul is one which is roving in each living being, this is Adwait. He united Bharat Varsha in cultural unity by traveling 2 thousand k.m. on foot.Lauding the efforts of the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Saraswati said that the people will derive inspiration for unity, integrity and to follow the path of religion from this yatra. Guru Chandramohan Dixit of Pitambhara Peeth mentioned ‘Yatha Raja Tatha Praja’. The Chief Minister Chouhan is a religious person and he has organized Ekatm Yatra for the spiritual welfare, happiness and prosperity of the people. The benefits of this yatra are being derived by the people of the entire country and state.