Gun Shot Warning


The Indian Army has issued a stern warning that who so ever will raise gun will be shot dead. The Lt.General KJS Dhillon also advised the family members of the terrorists to ask their sons to shun the violence and return to normal life. After the Pulwama RDX blast at the CRPF vehicle the military has taken a decisive step to handle the situation. After the Pulwama blast within 100 hours the top Jaishe Mohammad leadership was tracked and gunned down. The February 14 attack was carried out by Jaishe Mohammad of Pakistan and also took the responsibility of that attack. The attack was operated by the Pakistan with active support of ISI and Pakistan Army. On February 17 two Jaishe Mohammad militant who were Pakistani were killed in 16 hour encounters. The stone pelters have become more in numbers that shows that the Pakistani funds have reached upto them. The stone pelting is a job on payments. Panicked by the boiling reactions in India over Pulwama the Pakistan has sought UN help to defuse the situation between the two countries. The Indian Government and the Army must decide something positive to eliminate stone pelters. It should not be taken lightly. Whenever there is any military operation the stone pelters come out in large numbers to attack the Army and help the terrorists to escape. The Army and allied forces should treat them on par with militant and there should be firing on stone pelters. The Kashmir is both military and political problem. The Modi Government on assuming power took initiative to hold talks with Pakistan. Even it was announced that Mr.Modi will visit Pakistan. In the preliminary of it the meeting of foreign secretaries was fixed at Delhi. But before it the Pakistan High Commissioner Mr.Basit started meeting with anti-Indian leaders of Kashmir like Gilani and others. It was their move to push in third party in the matter. It being a bilateral issue the India cancelled the talks with Pakistan and declared that India will not talk to Pakistan on Kashmir issue. The Government has given task to the Army to launch operation “All Out” to eliminate terrorists. Now Prime Minister Mr.Modi has given free hand to Army to decide the course of action. Now Kashmir is not a political but military task to handled.