Gurjar Again


The reservation agitations of Jat and Gurjar mean reckless and senseless violence and disruption of rail network in the country. Now but for few inner railway passenger trains all other trains – Express, Mail, Superfast, Rajdhani, Shatabdi trains are inter-railway all India trains. The Jat and Gurjar movement so far confined to Rajasthan and Haryana but its “Rail Roko” agitations had disrupted rail movement all over the country. Many years back the Rajasthan Government gave five per cent reservations to “Meena” backward community. This instigated Jats and Gurjar Communities to demand five per cent reservation for their communities. Few years back Jat and Gurjars launched its reservation movement in Rajasthan by occupying rail tracks with tents and constant dharna. It lasted for one month the UPA Government could do nothing till Supreme Court pulled up Central Government on not doing anything to restore rail traffic.For more than a month there were no train movement on vital Mumbai Central – New Delhi rail section. In Haryana Jat reservation issue looted the entire Rohtak city shops and indulged in arson. Just to coarse the State Government of Rajasthan and Central Government at the time of Lok Sabha Election the Gurjars have again launched agitation by disruption the rail movement at Sewai Madhopour. They declared that they would not budge from the rail track without taking reservation. The parabox in the issue is that the Government had given reservations to Gurjar twice in the past and on both the occasions the High Courts have rejected it as being unconstitutional. The Government is helpless in such a situation as Court verdict is against it. Many trains have been cancelled or diverted.It disrupted train movement all over the country on long routes.Now the Gurjar is raised a new charge against the Government that it has no political will secure reservations for their community. In view of earlier court ruling it is totally absurd to accuse the Government of it. The Government are duty bound to keep railways running all over the country. Jat-Gurjar agitation should not be tolerated rather suppressed.