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Harassed by moneylenders, youth ends life


Harassed by moneylenders, youth ends life

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Under Chhola Mandir police station, a youth committed suicide as he was fed up of harassment by private moneylenders. The youth consumed celphos tablets and was rushed to the People’s Hospital where he died during treatment. The suicide note recovered from the deceased mentions harassment by moneylenders. According to the information received from Chhola Mandir police, Rohit Vishwakarma, 25, lived in Leeladhar Colony. He worked at Best Price. Few months back he had took a loan of Rs 80,000 from Anshul Gupta, Pankaj Malviya and Raghuvir Lodhi for one of his friends. However, the friend went somewhere after which the lenders started pressurizing Rohit to repay the loan. Rohit gave them over Rs 1.5 lakh in interest, but the lenders kept asking for more. Fed up of harassment, a day back Rohit consumed celphos tablets kept in home. Family members took him to the People’s Hospital where he died during the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday. Family members said Rohit was being harassed by three moneylenders. They had also snatched the mobile from him. Rohit had also told his family members about the harassment. The suicide note recovered from Rohit mentions that some people were harassing him a lot. The note says three people Anshul Gupta, Pankaj Malviya and Raghuvir Lodhi, who work at Best Price, were charging interest at the rate of 20 per cent per month from him. Therefore he was unable to do anything for the family. The note says he had no option except to poison his family or end his own life. The note mentions he had repaid four times the amount he had borrowed from the lenders. He said his family was in no way responsible for the suicide and has asked the kin to forgive him. Bhopal Zone IG Jaideep Prasad said some more cases of harassment by moneylenders have come to light. He said moneylenders who charge interest at exorbitant rates would be identified and action taken against them.

CMO arrested for making sexual advances towards nurse

The Govindpura police have arrested the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Kasturba Hospital for making sexual advances towards a trainee nurse. The victim has alleged the CMO had been pressurizing her for physical relationship since November last year. Police said the matter is beintg investigated. The trainee nurse in her complaint said she obtained the degree of B Sc from BHEL’s Kasturba Nursing College last year. After completion of the course, she went to CMO Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, 58, to get the certificate but he said he was on leave for three months. The trainee nurse said the certificate was needed urgently. At this CMO agreed to give the certificate but asked the trainee nurse to establish physical relationship with him. In the complaint to the police, the trainee nurse said she initially ignored Dr. Gupta’s sexual advances but on Tuesday lodged complaint with the police as she was fed up of continued harassment. According to the victim, the CMO had even threatened to ruin her future if she did not fulfill her demand. According to the police, the victim has also submitted the messages sent by Dr. Gupta on her WhatsApp. The CMO used to call the nurse on her mobile and used to send indecent messages. The trainee nurse also alleged the CMO used to try to touch her. She said on Monday when she went to him for the certificate he tried to touch her in appropriately. After this she went to her home and told the family members about the incident. Subsequently a complaint was lodged.

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