Harda’s daring Divya to perform stunt at Rajpath


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Indian girls are setting magnificent and fearless examples of their courage continuously in the country. Divya of Phuldi village of Harda District- Madhya Pradesh is bringing laurel to her village and the district by rendering services in the Border Security Force these days. She will present an incredible bike stunt in the parade to be held at Rajpath at Delhi on epublic Day Parade on January 26. Divya is currently posted in 135 Rajasthan Ramgarh Battalion, which has a total of 35 brave women commanders. Divya of village Phuldi was inclined to serve the country since her childhood days. She obtained preliminary education in Phuldi village itself and worked as a teacher in a private school of Rahatgaon. Despite adverse economic condition, she completed B.Sc. and started preparations to serve the country. After days and nights of hard work, she got success on December 15, 2014. The brave daughter of Madhya Pradesh will perform few such amazing stunts on the occasion of 69th Republic Day, which will compel everyone to laud her. These lady bikers of BSF are working hard to give new wings to their courage. These girls are ready to touch the sky by their fearlessness. The courage of BSF Lady Bikers’ Team is being seen these days at Rajpath. The image of Indian daughters restricted to the house in veil is the thing of the past now as they are scaling new heights everyday in different arenas. The Lady Brigade of the BSF has made itself strong by working hard. Girl who could not cycle till yesterday, is impatient now to create a new history of motorcycling with her courage.