Harmful Medicines


The Health Ministry of the Government of India has banned 328 combined medicines. There is a growing trend even the lending pharmaceutical companies to produce combined medicine with the mixing of various medicines together to produce as combined dose of various drugs in one tablet or capsule or liquid. Earlier in 2016 the Central Health Ministry had banned about 350 such drugs which are termed as FDC (Fixed Dose Combinations). The drug trade challenged the ban in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court directed the Central Health Ministry to decide the issue of combined medicines on the examination and recommendation by the Advisory Board. In putting up recent ban on 328 combined medicines the Health Ministry said that the Advisory Board had found there was no therapeutic justification for the ingredients contained in 328 FDC and these FDC may involve risk to human beings. Therefore it is prohibiting the manufacture for sale, distribution or sale for human use with immediate effect. There are growing number of combined medicines and doctors are also prescribing it. It is generally believed that such combined medicines one, two or three in one tablet or capsule is more effective and will cure so many diseases rapidly. The ban decision has been welcomed by the Health Professionals and activists. But the President of the IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers Association) Mr.Deepnath Roy Choudhary said that ban order would have an impact on drug manufacturers and drug market worth Rs.16 billion rupees a year. But health of the people is not only much more important and absolute in the general health protection of the people. In America is it accepted that 40 per cent of sick people are patients of drug related diseases. In India the Medical Community is highly cornered over the reckless and senseless use of antibiotics. Now the Chemists are under strict orders not sale any antibiotics without medical prescription and keep the full record of such sales. Not only overdose but even underdose of the antibiotics are harmful. A patient must have full dose of antibiotic medicines as prescribed by the doctors otherwise they will become drug resistant and will not respond to it a future treatment. About TB it is said that patient must take full dose of medicines regularly for six months and he or she will be cured. But feeling better it they give it up the TB recur again and require more than 6 months treatment. People must not indulge in self medication and should go through under medical care.