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Hasta La Vista – Thanksgiving Day at St. Paul


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The journey that embarked with ignorance was about to conclude with sparkled wisdom…. a journey towards being socially aware and responsible citizen. All those innumerable hands extended to be instrumental in moulding such wonderful beings deserved to be applauded, appreciated and thanked for their selfless and consistent efforts. So today St. Paul Campus experienced a unique way to celebrate Gratitude on the occasion of ‘Thanksgiving Day’ . The entire programme was organized by the students of class XI, under the guidance of the Management and teachers, for the outgoing students of class XII, as per the school tradition. All the seniors students of class XII ware formally invited along with their respective parents for the grand celebration. Amidst various preparations, decorations, anticipations finally the moment arrived with a lot of excitement in the heart of teachers, parents as well as juniors to witness the entire array of stars and superstars of St. Paul, scintillating through the Red Carpet. The programme commenced with ‘Lighting the Lamp’ and invoking God’s grace through the reading of verses from the Holy Scriptures. Thereafter, hilarious skits and dazzling dance numbers from Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood rocked the show. Finally the most awaited moment approached to bestow the innumerable titles and awards to the most deserving ones. Near about 3 dozen titles were declared out of which the most coveted ones were Mr. St. Paul that was awarded to Pranav Pradeep and Ms. St. Paul was presented to Jigyasa Suryawanshi. Another most aspired title was Mr. Talent and Ms. Talent that was conferred to Aditya Gupta and Tina Shrivas respectively. And one of the most envied title was ‘St. Paul Torch Bearer’ that was awarded to Megha Unni Nair. On this day Principal Rev. Fr. Sebi in his message encouraged the students to be thankful to everyone who had been instrumental in giving various experiences of life that has strengthened and moulded them. He very earnestly exhorted all the parents, to give their quality time to their children instead of materialistic allowances. At the same time, he also motivated the students to truthfully confide everything in their parents for their betterment and successes. The programme concluded with a sumptuous and delightful luncheon for all.

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