‘Hate Story 4’ a perfect debut for me: Ihana Dhillon


New Delhi, Actress Ihana Dhillon who is marking a debut in Bollywood with ‘Hate Story 4’ says as an actor the movie is a perfect launch for me and there are no regrets. Ihana said,”It’s my debut so I had to be very particular and careful of what kind of role/character I am choosing or what production house I am choosing. I was little scared first when I got the offer because 'Hate Story' series are known as erotic movies. But when I heard the script and had a meeting with the whole team, then I was very impressed with the story.” “My character had lots of variations. I am playing a corporate girl's role, so I thought as an actor it was a perfect debut for me. Because, T Series is one of the biggest production house, and secondly as an actor you want to show your acting skills and with this role I actually got a chance to do that. I got amazing team to work with, so I am very happy that I am making my debut with this movie and there are no regrets,” she said. “It's a very nice story. I won't say it is different from other 'Hate Story' series,as it is another revenge story, but this is based on a true incident and that's what I really liked,” she said. When asked how excited she is for the movie, Ihana said,”I am excited about the movie, but also a little nervous,because people are going to judge me for that. My whole career is at stake. I know I have done my 100 per cent and people will like my work.” Telling about her preparations for the role, the actress said,”we had a workshop for one month with director Vishal Pandya. My character of a corporate girl has grey sides to it. So it has variations--she is romantic, soft but on the other side she is very stubborn, strong headed.This is very different from my own personality. So it wasn't challenging but a little difficult for me. But it was amazing working with everyone.” Ihana who learned to fire a gun during the shoot of the movie said,”For fun sake I knew shooting but professionally I never learned it. I am not a trained shooter. There is only one scene in the movie where I had to fire a gun, but ofcourse there were trainers and action masters who were there to teach us. But it wasn't that difficult.” On how did the offer came to her, Ihana said,” I directly got a call from the T Series casting team. They saw my Punjabi movie 'Tiger' and they really liked my performance in that film. So the kind of character Vishal was looking for they found in me, and that's how I got the offer and it all started.” Ihana, whose early modelling days started in the US, when asked that why she did not try her hands in Hollywood said,” I was based in New York when I started my modelling. It went good for many years. But then I shifted back to India because I am very attached to my parents and they still live in Punjab. So acting wasn't planned. Then I got my first offer of Punjabi film and now I am making my debut in Bollywood , so in future if something good comes up in Hollywood, I will do. For me language is not a barrier, it all depends where you get good work.”Ihana who is a hotel management student told that she started modelling during her college days only. “I started my modelling during my college days only. So then I left my hotel management course and gone full fledged into modelling. I was doing very well in modelling so I decided to make my career in that.I was getting offers during modelling days,but the problem with me is that, till I don't get expert at anything, I don't try my hands. So first I get prepare for anything and so I did an acting course. After the course I got a Punjabi movie offer. So now I am enjoying my acting career and I will never leave the profession and will take it with me for the entire life.” When asked how her character Reshma is similar to Ihana in real life, the actress said,”Reshma is not at all similar to Ihana. Both are completely opposite. I am an easy going person, always smiling, but Reshma is very stubborn and storng headed girl and always in attitude. So I did workshops to get into the character. The only similarity is both Reshma and Ihana is emotional.” Urvashi Rautela who is playing the lead in the movie, when asked whether her role will get overshadowed, Ihana said,” No, I don't think so I will be overshadowed by her. It's like whatever work you are doing, give it your 100 per cent. And if people want to notice, they will notice,whether you do one scene or play lead in the film. So I never thought from the angle. There were no insecurities.” Asking whether playing a single lead would have been a better choice,Ihana said,”For me the character is important, not whether single lead is there or four leads. And what I can do in that character, if I can play well it's good then it doesn't matter how many leads are there in the movie.” Asking her experience about working with Vishal Pandya and the entire team, she said,” It was very good. T Series is a big banner, Vishal Pandya is a very easy going person. And what I like about him is that he is very focused. He knows very well what he wants from the actors. Then it becomes very easy for the actors also to deliver. He explains very well, very supportive, and the entire team, my co-stars--Urvashi,Vivaan and Karan-- we all got along so well and we became a family.” Asking her opinion on actors getting threatened openely these days, she said,”We actors are passionate people. What we are doing is what we have been given in a script we are just portraying it on screen. It's a movie and not the reality at the end of the day. It's art and I don't think so anybody should get threatened because of the art.” Talking about the movie, Ihana said the movie is not erotic. But yes there is glamour.“This is more content based movie. There are few songs and scnes in the movie which are erotic but that's situational. But that's part of the movie and nothing has been put out of the way,” she said. Asked if she was body shamed after this movie, Ihana said,”Luckily, I haven't got any bad comments and people are appreciating my work. There will be few bad comments but I hardly react. As an actor I am acting on the screen and not actually doing.Infact, after this movie I am started getting calls and offers from the Bollywood. People are saying that I am looking very classy in the movie.” Telling about the filmmakers and actors on her wishlist, Ihana said,”I want to work with Naseeruddin Shah, Irrfan khan, and Amitabh Bachchan. I like historical movies and so Sanjay Leela Bhansali I want to work with because how he presents historical drama onscreen, present the actors--it's lovely.” Ihana said her upcoming projects are ‘Nastik’ with Arjun Rampal. “I have small cameo role and a song in that.And I am also shooting for my Punjabi movie 'Ghulam' that's releasing on July 13,” she added. ‘Hate Story 4’ features Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, Vivan Bhatena in the lead roles. This is the fourth installment in the Hate Story series.