Health Checkup of Girls


The Madhya Pradesh Governor Mrs. Anandiben Patel has drawn the attention of the Government and society towards the health problem of the girls. Addressing the students and staff of Bhopal MLB Girls College, she said that apart from ensuring quality education on every college, yearly health checkup of girls should be conducted, particularly a blood test to check haemoglobin count so that they may be protected from malnutrition. Our meals should include all kinds of nutrient, lack of proper food intake can lead to several diseases. Haemoglobin is common but very serious diseases causing so many other ailment infections in general health conditions. It is assessed that most of the women suffer from blood shortage in the body, leading to general weakness and prone to many diseases and infections due to lack of immunity against the diseases. The Governor has said that women are coming forwards on all walk of life with efficiency, courage and abilities. They must be in good health. Their number is increasing in the population and in the next census their number may be equal to the male population. In every school and college the hygiene and health should be made compulsory subjects to enable them how to lead a healthy and happy life.