Health Hazard


After the flood devastation of almost of entire State the Kerala is facing the another calamity of peculiar epidemic of rat fever – leptospirosis. About 200 people are affected and 30 dead so far. Its symptoms are body ache and high fever. The danger of cholera and typhoid are also looming large on Kerala. The saying of miseries never come alone in prevailing in the state. Those who have been brought to relief camps are getting medial help but those who are still away are living at high risk health hazard. Many cattle heads and other creatures like rats, cats, dogs etc. have perished and now its caracas are decaying in mud water. The Government, private organizations and volunteers are there in the state helping the people to overcome the tragedy. But the magnitude of the situation is so wide and deep that it is beyond the capacity of the State Government to deal with it alone. The State has to be rebuilt again. The rehabilitation have to be total in action as nothing has remained in the house. Everything washed away and total loss. Many foreigners have come there and engaged themselves in cleaning the homes and disinfecting it. In America high speed storms hit the country off and on and the President declares National Emergency in such occasion. But the Central Government has not declared such national emergency in Kerala. It is said that it is not within the rules. The question is whether the Government has made the rules or rules have made the Government? The token amount of relief by the other State Government and other institutions are not enough to deal with situation of so vast magnitude. The Centre should change the rules and declare National Emergency in Kerala take over restoration of Kerala as it was before the flood calamity. What a paradox of floods the people of Kerala have no drinking water and it was sent there through the train tankers from far off places like Pune in Maharashtra. The situation in Himalayan hills states Uttarakhand and Himachal is also worst. The entire road infrastructure is destroyed in heavy landslides and high floods. The heavy lashing rains eroded the mountain from the top and roaring river water caused deep soil erosion on surface. There is no question of repair of roads it have to be constructed again as a whole. All the house on river sides damaged or washed away. It is a geographical factor and fact that gradually all the mountains except snow covered mountains like Himalaya and Alps, are reducing from top in size gradually every years in rains and storms. After hundreds of years all the mountain of rock and soil will become surface. Only the snow mountains melt in the day and again come back to heights in the night.This year almost entire country is flood affected.