Healthy India


Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi after earlier launching two national campaign of close door toilets in homes and public places and “clean India” with no garbage anywhere has launched a new national campaign of “Healthy India”. These public welfare programmes will continue all time to come and will change the way of life from dirty and unhealthy life to civilized and healthy life. The toilet and clean India campaigns have picked up fast and changing the society from bad best way of life. Like everywhere in India also the movements of people has become fast. But migrants were facing most troublesome situation in getting public toilets in the public places. Now toilets and urinals are available everywhere providing much relief to travelling population. In clean India campaign the people and municipal bodies are participating actively, garbage bins are places at all places and people becoming habitual of it. The only problem that defying the clean India campaign is the excessive use of tobacco and gutka chewing and people spitting all over at all the places on roads, offices. Despite ban on tobacco pouch it is easily available everywhere with all the roadside vendors. Without abolition of tobacco consumption in all from like chewing, smoking, inhaling the ideal of clean and healthy India cannot be achieved. Use of intoxicating drug are ruining the youth of the country. We are counting and feeling happy that coming India will be a nation of young population. But at the same time we are made to realize that in coming years India will be capital of dreaded disease of diabetics. The disastrous ailment of kidney, cancer and hypertension are also on increase. Authorities of health sectors are constantly warning the people and advising them to keep away from “fast food”. But outside the homes it appears that for people nothing but only fast foods are available. Like toilet and clean India campaign healthy food also be available everywhere. For healthy India it is essential. Traditionally the “Ayurved” is our ancient system. Later with foreigners coming to India the system of Unani, Homoeopathy and Allopathy also come to India. Now like English language the Allopathy has become our Medical system. Now it has assimilated in the Indian way of life. The biggest plus point with the Allopathy is that it has “surgery” in it which no other system has. The Allopathy come to India with British Rule. But before it there were many wars fought between the nations and kingdom. It must have carried deep cut by swords and arrows. The Modi Government should make efforts by way of initiating research of find out what was the system of surgery before Allopathy came to India. In the healthy India campaign the Modi Cabinet has approved establishment of 75 new medical college at the cost of Rs.24375 crores with 15,700 seats in the MBBS course. This scheme will be completed within 2021-22. These medical colleges will be set up where at present there are no medical colleges.