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Heat Spell Over


The traditional heat spell of nine days, known as ‘Navtapa’ from May 25 to June 2 is over. But the dry spell and general heat conditions, heat waves will continue till the arrival of monsoon. The India has two monsoon branches known as South West Monsoon that comes first with the entry in Kerala on June 1 and the second branch known as Southern Monsoon enters India around June 4 from Tamil Nadu. The South West Monsoon passing through Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan enters into Madhya Pradesh on June 10 and around it. The Southern branch while passing Andhra and Odisha also cause sufficient rains in the Eastern Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. During the 9 day spell but for few scattered rains for few minutes occurred in some part of the state particularly in Betul and rains and hail storm hit the Mandsaur area. According to the Weather office this year the monsoon is coming late and will Kerala on June 6. It takes 15 days to come upto Madhya Pradesh. It is expected this year the monsoon will reach Madhya Pradesh around June 25. Till then intense heat conditions will prevail here. There are two permanent weather conditions in the state. When it is snowfall in the Northern Himalayan states the cold waves enter Madhya Pradesh on the third day from Morena and Gwalior. In summer the hot winds originating from desert areas of Rajasthan come into Madhya Pradesh from the western side hitting hard at Khargon and Badwani areas. Similarly the Bundelkhand spread over Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in a very rocky areas with intense heat. The Naugaon and Khajuraho score very high in temperature. Presently the Naugaon is above 47 and Khajuraho is above 46 degrees. This year due to dry heat conditions people are spared of torturous humid conditions. The monsoon of India is formed in sea near Madagaskar Island located in the south east of African main land. The monsoon originating in the Bay of Bengal cause rain in Eastern Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Due to delay in rains this year there will be slight delay in agricultural operations. With no pre-monsoon rains and delay in monsoon rains will slightly delay sowing. In Madhya Pradesh at most of the places the temperature is around 44 degrees. At Jabalpur at a 46 degree and 44 in Bhopal. Oppressive dry heat conditions with heat waves will torment the people perhaps for the whole month of June. The pre-monsoon rain of course will help the farmers to prepare their fields for sowing. There are clear indications that delay in rain and high rate of evaporation of water from open water bodies like rivers and lakes will aggravate the water supply for the entire urban and rural areas.

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