Height of selfishness shown in play


Play Katthokalba Shamu staged and le lecture organized at Yashodhara

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal A lecture on Jataka tales of Lord Buddha was organized at MP Tribal Museum on the concluding day of Jataka Katha festival Yashodhara at Tribal Museum. A Play ‘Katthokalba Shamu’ was also staged at the museum. The programme began with the lecture by Dr. Kamlesh Tripathi on Jatak tales. Dr. Tripathi said Jataka tales are part of the canon of sacred Buddhist literature. This collection of some 550 anecdotes and fables depicts earlier incarnations — sometimes as an animal, sometimes as a human — of the being who would become Siddhartha Gautama, the future Buddha. Traditional birth and death dates of Gautama are 563-483 BC. The Jataka tales are dated between 300 BC and 400 AD. Dr. Tripathi said many of the tales are set in or near Benares, now called Varanasi, on the banks of Ganges River. One of the world’s oldest cities, Varanasi is the most sacred place for Hindus. Buddhists and Muslims also have important religious sites nearby. According to tradition, Buddha began his teaching at Sarnath a short distance from this city. Dr. Tripathi said in 300 B.C, the Jataka tales were written for the mankind to gain knowledge and morality. Ever since, Jataka tales have become story books that are both enjoyable as well as knowledgeable. Originally written in Pali language, Jataka Buddhist tales have been translated in different languages around the world. The luminous fables of Jataka are intended to impart values of self-sacrifice, morality, honesty and other informative values to people.