Hi-Tech Warfare


The world has moved into hi-tech war weapons on push button mode. In view of shortage of water it is said that the next world war will be fought on water. Whatever reasons may be for such war but one thing is certain that it will be hi-tech war that world perhaps will come to an end in a day or two. The armies will not move on ground but International ballistic missile with nuclear war heads will be triggered from military command headquarters. Now most of the economic power nations have developed hi-tech Army, Air and Naval force to go into quick action on the objective of ‘hit first’. The future wars will not be defensive but offensive. Now the emphasis is in the point of interception the enemy missile in midway and destroy it. Every day the war technologies improving on further hi-tech arms and armaments. All nations have to come to hi-tech defensive system to feel secure and deterrent to others. The small country North Korea threatening mighty America of hitting it with nuclear bomb loaded missiles. It has also demonstrated that it has such ICBM. It is clear to the whole world the military might of the North Korea is wholly Chinese planted there and to dictating the ruler of North Korea Kim in daring America to fight it. The China has an ambition on East China sea, South China sea and Himalayan border. It is developing hi-tech armed forces and slashing ground troops. This year the China has hiked its defence budget to 175 billion dollar which is three times higher than that of India’s 45 billion dollar equivalent to 2.95 lakh crores. The China has increased the defence expenditure by 8.1 per cent. The China has objective of creating world class military. It is making allout and determined efforts to rule over the Pacific Ocean, which has 70 per cent of world sea trade routes on its vast sheet of water. But all other Pacific nations Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia are the impediment in its ambition. Most of the nations of the world have trade in Pacific waterways. But above all for China it is India that will not allow China to emerge as sea lord in the Pacific. Recently Vietnam President visited India and many agreements signed one was that both the nations will keep the Pacific Ocean free international water. India has to play decisive role in world particularly in Asian politics. It has to develop its armed forces on hi-tech modes to face and contain China. Thanks to Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi who started hi-tech phase in India’s defence system by going for having its own nuclear bomb and missiles. India has to play decisive role if war comes.

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