Hot winds continue to sear entire state


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh’s Khajuraho was the hottest place in India on Monday. Though most of the parts of the country are engulfed in the scorching heat, Khajuraho, globally known for its intricate temple sculptures, recorded a maximum temperature of 48.6 degrees Celsius as a heat wave blanketed Madhya Pradesh. The temperature was recorded on Monday. The central Indian state sweltered under the continuing heat wave as the combination of the scorching sun and the searing hot ‘loo’ winds hit life, with Khajuraho getting even hotter than the 47.2 degrees recorded on Sunday. Meanwhile, Damoh recorded a high of 47 degrees while several other places experienced a maximum of over 46 degrees. Despite the pre-monsoon developments, the central Indian state bore the brunt of the heat wave, with streets nearly deserted between 12 noon and 5 p.m. as people preferred to remain indoors. Madhya Pradesh’s northwest region lies in the influence of a cyclonic circulation stretching from east Rajasthan to Jharkhand, even as the several places in the state reported temperatures in excess of 45 degrees, as per the local meteorological office. The local weather office has also warned hot winds will further sear Gwalior, Hoshangabad, Khandwa, Khargone, Chhattarpur, Raisen, Damoh, Rewa, Satna, Shivpuri, Tikamgarh and other areas. Weatherman has warned that heat wave conditions are very likely to continue at most parts of west Madhya Pradesh and at one or two pockets over Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, west Madhya Pradesh during the next few days. The thundery activities and rainfall witnessed at few places in the past two weeks have slowed down and trend of increasing temperatures prevailed across the state. In the state capital temperatures have decreased from the peak temperature of 45.3 degree Celsius and recorded at 44.8 degree Celsius. The regions with high day temperatures were Damoh and Nowgong which recorded day temperature at 47 degree Celsius while Rajgarh, Shajapur and Sheopur 46 degree Celsius. Severe heat wave conditions were witnessed in Ratlam, Chattarpur, Damoh,Shajapur, Datia and Gwalior while 13 districts witnessed hot wave conditions. Under the intense heat weather conditions warning of hot wave conditions have been issued by Met department. Warning of severe heat wave conditions has been issued by Met department for Chhatarpur district while warning of hot wave conditions has been issued for Gwalior,Chambal, Bhopal, Ujjain and Sagar (except Chhatarpur) divisions and Satna,Rewa, Umaria, Khargone, Khandwa, Hoshangabad, Badwani and Burhanpur districts. The Met department official said that the present set of weather conditions is favourable for the monsoon and it is expected that the monsoon would hit the state on time. The intensity of heat in the State capital is visible right from early morning for past three days. Bhopal recorded 44.8 degree on Monday, but roads on the city remained deserted as people preferred to remain indoors till late evening.