How Election Commission will resolve the problem of 60 lakhs bogus voters: Congress


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal,Election Commission took this matter seriously and constituted two teams. They will inquire into the alleged errors in the electoral rolls and will detect disorder. The teams will also suggest corrective measures to the Election on 7th June.
On Sunday president of MP Congress Committee Kamalnath and the chairman of Election Campaign Committee Jyotiraditya Scindhiya addressed the press conference held in State Congress Committee’s office in Bhopal and informed press reporters regarding the complaint filed in EC.
Kamalnath said that there are about 60 lakhs bogus voters in Madhya Pradesh. We have submitted the fake voter list with Election Commission with proofs, now it’s the duty of EC to investigate.
We have requested for the new voter list to be made because this fake list was made intentionally by the BJP. We can prove that in the adjoining area of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, some voters have the names listed in both areas voter lists.
Jyotiraditya Scindhiya told that we have requested for 5 demands to fulfill
1- Voter list to be re-examined
2- Every returning officer should be asked for proof
3- Those who were involved in bogus voting should be punished
4- If any mistake comes out in the latest list also, then the responsible officer should also be punished.
5- The voter list of the adjoining state should also be examined.
Whereas the president of Madhya Pradesh Bhartiye Janta Party in reply of the congress’s complaint with Election Commission, reacted that congress have no issues to raise so they are bullying the accuses.