Hundreds march to call for an end to genocide in Syria


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal A march was taken out in Bhopal on Sunday, demanding international community to take necessary steps to stop the killings of innocents in Syria. People belonging to different religious communities were part of the march. A memorandum addressed to President, was handed over to the officials, urging the Government of India to use its clout and bring peace in Syria. Madhya Pradesh Muslim Vikas Parishad (MPMVP), a social organization, had given the call for the march that was accepted by several other groups and citizens from different sections of society joined it. Its regional president Mohammad Mahir said a memorandum has been sent to UN secretary general. In the memo, it has been mentioned that superpowers are waging war to further their political interest and nearly three lakh people have been killed in Syria so far. “UN must play its role and help establish peace in Syria. After all, that’s the job of UN and it was founded for the very purpose”, says the memo. Meanwhile, the government of India was also sent a memorandum. Addressed to the president, it says that India is a nuclear power but has always raised its voice against atrocities and violation of human rights. India must raise the issue at international fora and use its clout to bring about peace in Asia”. Those who took part in the march were holding placards against killings of innocent citizens and children. There were also messages critical of the role of United Nations (UN) for its failure to stop the killings. The participants said that arms supply should be stopped to countries that are witnessing such conflict. The march which started from Budhwara, culminated at Iqbal Maidan in the afternoon.