I am still a work in progress': Mr India


Panaji, The second last day of 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) witnessed a candid conversation between superstar Anil Kapoor and his Producer daughter Rhea Kapoor. The actor was welcomed to a loud cheer by a packed house at Kala Academy in the city with some even dancing and performing his signature step as a sign of affection towards their icon on Wednesday. After settling down, daughter Rhea took turns to ask her father about questions pertaining to his journey in the film industry, his positive approach, his fitness and more. While speaking about his foray into the film industry, the Mr India fame actor said the decision to pursue a career in acting was easy. Anil said, “I was a horse with my blinkers on. From the moment I came to my senses I wanted to be an actor. I was very fortunate to get a break in the form of a young Shashi Kapoor’s role. Since then I have not wasted, constantly dreamt, worked on my craft and worked on being a people’s person. But I am still a work in progress.” Daughter Rhea then asked her father about the qualities and traits necessary to be an actor, and asked if academic training in theatre and acting was important or whether instincts and practical knowledge matters more. While answering the question, Anil Kapoor said, “To have a foundation of academics is great. But it needs to combined with instincts. Everything cannot be studied and planned. I credit my success to my preparedness to fail. But now the stakes are much higher.” The actor said, “There are no shortcuts to hardwork. I believe that if you’re a trained actor in today’s times, it becomes easy for the director and the writer to mould you. Focusing too much on looks can stagnate you as an actor. It may work for a short period of time but soon there will be nothing left inside to give to the audience, to the writer and to the role. Try and increase you shelf life by being physically, mentally and spiritually fit.” When asked about the secret of his young appearance, the actor, who is a few days short of being 62 years old, said, “I need the energy and stamina to portray the characters. In the process I started looking after myself and working out. I believe you have to look after yourself. For me as an actor I have only one lifetime. I want longevity. I have always believed in marathon. I was never a 100m race person. I have been consistent, committed and worked hard, which is why I have been in the business for 38 years.”